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An atypical media company in a typical world.


For generations, talented artists, creators, and innovators from all walks of life have continued to face barriers to being awarded their full acknowledgment and compensation for their creative works. 

Many have struggled to make ends meet while pursuing their passions and often face obstacles to bringing their creations to the market. Today, there are more opportunities – and simultaneously more barriers – for artists, creators, and innovators than ever before. In fact, research continues to indicate that technological advancement has also brought a digital divide that has a far greater impact on marginalized communities. 

Just as importantly, the creative mind is a free-flowing one. But the innovative spirit can be bogged down by internal and external chaos required for success in today’s market. Fortunately, there are services and tools that exist to bring organization to chaos and empower artists, innovators, and creators to express and benefit from their full artistic ingenuity.

V.velox Ltd. and its programs work to address these barriers and opportunities by leveraging more than two decades of experience in digital asset management to create a bridge between the world of digital assets and the unique experiences of artists, creators, and innovators throughout the United States.

V.velox Ltd. intentionally emphasizes bringing LGBTQ+ people, people with lower income, people with disabilities, women, and communities of color into modern digital spaces (Web 2.0 and Web 3 technologies). Using best practices in self-empowerment, digital asset management, whole-person teaching, and community resource linkage, V.velox Ltd. aims to create and foster communities where all people, including artists, creators, and innovators from all disciplines, can achieve their dreams and get due credit – and income – they deserve.


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V.velox Ltd is guided by its mission, vision, core beliefs, guiding principles, and values.  



V.Velox Ltd’s mission is to empower individuals and communities across the United States of America to experience personal growth, prosperity, and other benefits that can be realized through the expression of their own creativity by: 

  • Developing productions, publications, and related programming and events that promote the creations of artists, innovators, and creators in the digital sphere, while connecting them with fans, enthusiasts, collectors, and buyers; 
  • Providing, facilitating, and coordinating education related to art, creativity, NFTs, and digital media production.
  • Relieving the burden of asset disorganization by providing one-on-one digital asset management consulting. 
  • Leading by example through the creation of physical and digital artwork and other expressions that heal, inspire, and entertain


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V.velox Ltd envisions a world where all creators, innovators, and artists (herein described as Creators) are artistically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially thriving–which creates a reciprocal relationship between the creator and collector of their works. 

Core Beliefs

Networking Communities

We believe in the promotion of networking and peer-to-peer opportunities. Empowering artists, creators, and innovators to market themselves and their amazing talents is key to our mission.

Supporting Authenticity and Well-Being

We believe artists, creators, and innovators can fully thrive when they bring their whole, authentic selves to the table. We encourage and support authentic living and access to resources that promote individual growth.  

Guiding Principles

Bridging the Digital Divide

We intentionally create inclusive spaces and emphasize our outreach to marginalized communities including, LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities, women/femmes, communities of color, people with mental health diagnoses, veterans, and economically disadvantaged communities – among others.

Train the Trainer

We believe in spreading knowledge far and wide. We work to ensure education programs are designed to be utilized by other trainers and teachers across the country. We focus on empowering communities and community workers, including social workers, teachers, community leaders, and more.


Self-Empowerment and Whole Person Approach

We believe in fostering and nurturing the whole person so that they can bring their whole selves into the digital sphere.


We believe in the power of community-building and networking. Whenever possible, we work to promote engagement among peers, as well as build relationships with collectors, enthusiasts, fans, and potential buyers.


We believe knowledge is power, and that all people should have the opportunity to learn how to create, monetize and earn income from digital products; We focus on connecting the communities to the latest technological advancements to the artist, innovator, and creator communities.