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Many of America’s most talented artists find themselves struggling to make ends meet while creating their works. This is even more emphasized in communities that have been marginalized or faced systemic oppression, including women, BIPOC communities, LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities, people experiencing poverty, and many others. Visual Liquid is dedicated to bridging the digital divide for America’s most talented artists, innovators and creators. We create a space for marginalized communities to showcase their work nationwide and to connect with buyers and enthusiasts who are dedicated to supporting to independent artists, innovators and creators.

Step 1: Find the art and creations you love and enjoy.

Search by category to view our thoughtfully curated Featured Works that are hand-selected by Visual Liquid’s OR view all Contributing Member profiles to find artists, creators and innovators that resonate with you.

Step 2: Shop

Visit the artist’s online shop and purchase your favorite piece(s).

Step 3: Share & Return

Tell the world where you found your newest collection and come back to see the latest works from talented artists from across the United States.